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[Bradley James & Colin Morgan Fanfiction] Anturiaeth yn y dyffrynnoedd - Part 2

Posted on 2011.05.01 at 16:54
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Title: Anturiaeth yn y dyffrynnoedd [Adventure in the Valleys]
Pairing: Bradley James & Colin Morgan [Merlin]
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Romance, Cheesy!
Length: 3 parts - 2/3
Author: ninomiya-arashi [cymrutvxq]
 Summary: Bradley and Colin have decided to take a trip to Merlin's home town in Wales, but, Colin always knew that Bradley was bad at directions, so it was no surprise that they'd get lost. Coming across an old tavern in the middle of nowhere, they decide to stop and take a rest, leaving with a lot more than they expected.

Part 1

Here's part two guys! Hope you're enjoying! :)
Diolch am ddarllen! 

“Where the hells our food!”


Bradley groaned in defeat as he let his head fall onto the wooden table which again made him flinch in pain, Colin had no sympathy whatsoever, he was being like a moaning little child. The Irishman sat back and pulled his phone out of his jacket, clicking the black buttons he lit up the screen.

“Jeez,” Colin sighed tiredly. “It’s already ten o’clock.”

“Looks like we’ll be having a takeaway then.” Bradley mumbled into the wood.

“What?” Colin snorted, stuffing his phone back into his coat pocket. “You are not driving anywhere in your condition! I’ll ask Alwen if there’s a BnB nearby and we can rest there for the night.”

“Oh Colin,” Bradley sat up, his hair sticking up in all different places. “You really do care.”

Colin grunted before getting up, ignoring Bradley’s cheeky grin that had began forming as soon as a blush sneakily crept up Colin’s cheeks.

The Irishman made his way over to the front of the tavern, noticing a tall man with a dark beard fiddling around with some drinks behind the bar. He took a detour around some chairs and tipsy Welshmen to make it to the bar.

As he stood in front of the counter the bearded man looked up from his drinks, he smiled warmly at Colin. “Hello,” he said in a strong Welsh accent. “What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you could help me and my friend.” Colin began.

“Oh,” The man grinned with a chuckle, noticing Colin’s thick Irish accent. “So you’re the ‘cute Irish boy’ my mother was telling me about.”

“Alwen?” Colin asked, a smile gracing his features.

“That’s her.” The man sniggered, remembering his mother boasting about two men who were lost and were so adorable she could eat them up. “She’s told me all about your situation; she’s clearing the spare bedroom for you both as we speak.”

“Spare bedroom?” Colin’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, he was pretty sure he hadn’t talked about bedrooms that night.

“Yes.” The Welshman answered with a smile. “She was telling me that the two of you were lost, so she’s setting up a room for you for the night since it’s getting late, it would be best for you to drive in the daytime. You both must be knackered and I heard your friend has a weak ankle.”

Colin stared at the kind man. “Wow, you... you really don’t have to do that.”

“No, no,” He chuckled at the Irishman’s startled expression. “It’s our pleasure, our upstairs may not be huge, and the room’s not that big but we’d rather the two of you be fed and warm than freeze to death out in the cold.”

“Thank you!” Colin beamed, so grateful to the older man that he wanted to buy him a massive present. “This is so kind of you, we really appreciate it!”

“You’re welcome,” He said sincerely. “My name’s Iolo by the way, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Iolo,” Colin smiled his infamous, and very contagious bright smile. “I’m Colin and that annoying Englishman over there...” he pointed a thumb towards his friend.” … is Bradley.”

Iolo laughed gently, his soft blue eyes twinkling against the dim lights of the bar. “I’ll keep an eye on him then,” Colin nodded amusedly. “I’ll go get my mother for you to take you both to your rooms, and I’ll bring up the food you’ve been waiting for so you can eat it in comfort in the living room.”

If Colin’s grin could get any bigger then his lips would split open, he was so overwhelmed by the family’s kindness that his face would be fixed with a smile for the rest of the night. “Thank you!”

Iolo smiled at Colin before leaving through a small door at the side of the bar, making his way up a wooden flight of steps. Colin, suddenly feeling a whole lot better than he had a few hours ago, walked back to the table with a spring in his step.

“It’s not normal to be that happy Morgan,” Bradley said in a low voice, raising his brows in curiosity. “People are going to start talking.”

Colin just chuckled in response to Bradley’s witty comment, plonking himself down onto the chair. Bradley’s eyebrows by now shot right up into his fringe, wondering where the hell Colin’s funny retort ran away to.

Colin grinned amusedly at Bradley’s enquiring glance. “They’ve given us a room to stay in for the night.”

“Who?” Bradley asked, following Colin’s slight tilt of the head pointing behind him. “Alwen?”

Colin nodded with a smile. “It looks like we’ll be getting a good night’s sleep before we set off to Carmarthen.”

Bradley’s reaction was that of relief and sheer joy at the notion of a nice comfy bed, warm sheets and food, delicious, fresh, warm food! He sighed heavily, leaning back and letting his arms dangle by his sides like all the air in his body had just left him.

Colin chuckled softly at his friend’s obvious delight at not having to leave the homely pub, and drive probably for another hour or more in the darkness and most likely getting lost on the way in some village. Seemed like a better idea to stay put.

Colin was kind of glad that they would be staying there, more for Bradley’s sake than anything else. After the unfortunate accident on the roadside he’d felt a little worried, Bradley wasn’t exactly feeling a hundred percent and Colin hated it when his friends got sick. Especially Bradley.

The Irishman looked over towards said man, who was now slouching like a bored teenager in the wooden chair, head tilted back with his eyes closed and mouth slightly parted. For some odd reason Colin suddenly felt a little flushed. His eyes darted from Bradley’s exposed neck, trailing along his sharp jawline, until reaching his parted lips where his tongue suddenly slipped out to lick along his bottom lip…

Colin tore his eyes away in a flash, the blue orbs widening in realisation to what he’d just been thinking. He gulped nervously, abruptly starting to fiddle with the hem off his jacket and looking anywhere but at the blonde man sitting opposite him.

“Colin,” The Irishman jumped a mile at the sound of Bradley’s deep voice beside him, he looked at him with raised eyebrows. “You alright? You seem out of it.”

Colin snickered nervously, twirling the end of his sleeve between his fingers. “I-I’m alright, just feeling a little… tired.”

“Yeah,” Bradley grinned cheekily. “That makes two of us.”

Colin smiled, a laugh passing his lips just slightly, bowing his head at his own ridiculous behaviour. He sighed quietly, and then suddenly having a genius plan in his mind and surprising Bradley he leaped up off his chair.

“I’ll go get our bags.” He said with a toothy smile.

Bradley gave Colin a confused glance once again, the smaller man acting like he’d just been battered with happy dust. The Englishman shoved his hand into his coat pocket and retrieved a set of keys, tossing them to Colin who clumsily caught them.

“Do you need any help?” Bradley asked, even though he’d probably take more time than necessary limping his way there and back.

“No, no,” Colin answered, slowly creeping away from the other man. “don’t walk too much with that bad ankle.”

And Colin was gone just like that.

By the time Colin had walked back to the car, shuffled about inside while trying to find Bradley’s bag that was somehow stuffed under the car seat, and walking back to the tavern with the two bags in tow, Alwen was standing beside Bradley chatting away.

“Oh, Colin my dear!” She beamed happily at him and wobbled towards him to hold Bradley’s bag. “Let me help you there.”

Colin gratefully gave Alwen Bradley’s bag, glad that it was light for the older lady to carry. They strolled back to where Bradley was sitting forward on his chair, rubbing his hand to his head.

“Are you ok?” Colin asked, suddenly feeling all worried and panicky like he was Bradley’s wife or something. He mentally slapped himself across the head.

“Yeah,” Bradley smiled slightly, pushing himself up to stand. “Headaches slowly going, thank God.”

But it didn’t seem the same way for Bradley’s ankle, pushing down on his foot a shot of pain coursed through it and sent him wobbling to the side. Colin reacted instantly, diving forward to catch Bradley before he tripped over his own two feet.

The Irishman caught him, his hands grabbing tightly onto Bradley’s arms to steady him. Bradley laughed at his own inanity which made Colin laugh along with him, their eyes glistening as they grew wet with laughter.

They couldn’t help themselves from laughing, it wasn’t even that funny in Bradley’s opinion but the whole situation of getting caught in Colin’s arms was something he felt strange about. Colin’s hands pressed gently along his arms, his chest pressed lightly into his and his face so close that he could feel Colin’s laughter tickling his cheek.

Bradley’s hands were resting along Colin’s slim waist; how they got there he couldn’t even remember. He unexpectedly felt a slight blush slowly sneaking its way up his cheeks, his laughter died down until it seized all together, he felt hot and rather ill at ease at the sudden feeling he was getting in the pit of his stomach.

Colin was looking at him now, his laughter disappeared into the air, his alluring deep blue eyes were gazing right into his. If his skin could get a deeper shade of red then it just did. Bradley started to laugh quietly out of the blue, trying his hardest to hide the fact that he was just wholly lost in Colin’s imprisoning stare.

Colin’s eyes looked to the floor and he too started laughing once again, his hands slipped from around Bradley’s arms as his fingers brushed the warm fabric softly. The unnerving moment was broken.

“Sorry,” Bradley mumbled while rubbing the back of his head out of habit. “I can be a little stupid sometimes, should have thought about my ankle.”

Colin smiled sweetly, taking a step back. “It’s alright; I expected a blonde moment sooner than later.”

Bradley snorted, his hands going to his hips, yet he couldn’t help feel relieved that they were back to their own joking selves as Colin let out a surge of laughter. Bradley joined in, watching Colin as his smile grew and he practically lit up the whole dim lighted room.

And of course through it all they didn’t even notice the old Welsh woman standing not too far away from them, her eyes shining in delight against the light of the fire and a knowing smile etching across her wrinkled face.


The Welsh tavern was even cosier upstairs if it was possible. Through the small wooden door behind the bar there were a short flight of wooded steps, rising up into a dumpy hallway where there were two brown timbered doors on each side and one at the end of the corridor.

The hallway was decorated in warm colours with old fashioned lamps dotted on the walls, gold frames wrapped around pictures of the Welsh family, smiling and laughing into the camera. Colin felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips as he walked slowly along the corridor, taking a look at the heart-warming photographs.

“Just through here my darlings,” Alwen called by the bigger wooden door at the far end of the hall. “We’ve brought your food in here.”

Bradley and Colin followed her to the door and through it as she opened it with a slight creak from the hinges. They walked into a small, welcoming sitting room, like strolling into a Hobbit’s house, it was so old fashioned yet made the two young men feel like they were home.

The far end of the room held a massive old fireplace where the logs were burning noiselessly, the patterned curtains hung low to the ground against the little timber framed windows. There was a comfy looking sofa sitting in the middle of the room, flowery cushions scattered on top, and a roughed up armchair nearest to the fireplace where a book sat on a table next to it.

Bradley and Colin’s food sat waiting on a long coffee table in front of the sofa, two delicious looking sandwiches each with a cup of tea, and some jam Welshcakes stacked on a small plate. The men looked at each other and smiled, suddenly feeling like nothing could be better than being in this place.

“Eat up, eat up!” Alwen chuckled, taking a hold of Colin’s bag and placing it beside Bradleys by the door.

Colin helped Bradley hop over to the sofa and eased him down gently to sit on it, the boys couldn’t have been more right about the look of the sofa because as they sat down it was like falling onto a cloud. Bradley sighed in content, Colin laughing at him inaudibly.

“Now then,” Alwen clapped her hands together happily, fussing about with the plates, cups and spoons on the table, “Now Colin here’s your sandwich, cheese salad, vegetarian of course, and Bradley yours is the same like you asked, dear. The tea is still hot in the pot, so enjoy my lovelies. I shall be back after I’ve closed up the pub in a few minutes.”

“But,” Colin’s eyebrows furrowed. “How did you know I was a vegetarian?”

Alwen smiled sweetly, and as she answered she looked over at Bradley. “Bradley told me when you went to get your things; he also made sure the milk was soya.”

Colin looked at Bradley with a thankful smile, the Englishman caught his eye and smiled shyly, and Colin could have sworn that Bradley was blushing.

“Now then,” Alwen beamed a smile as bright as the sun itself. “See you boys in a jiffy.”

“Thank you for this.” Bradley grinned gratefully, sitting up.

“Thank you Mrs. Jones.” Colin thanked her from the bottom of his heart.

“Oh Colin dear,” Alwen chortled, making her way out the door. “Do call me Alwen, Mrs. Jones was my mother.” She winked. “And you’re both very welcome.” And with a smile she left the room.

There was silence spreading through the room like wildfire for the next few minutes. Bradley had started biting down hungrily on his cheese sandwich, while Colin nibbled away on his practically eating like a mouse.

“You’re eating habits are starting to become very strange Morgan.” Bradley suddenly spoke.

Colin stopped mid bite to look at his friend; he gave a shrug of the shoulders. “I was just thinking.”

“Do you forget how to eat when you’re thinking?” Bradley chuckled, taking a sip of his tea, and trying his best not to wince at the taste from the soya milk.

Colin smiled, putting down his sandwich and picking up his hot steaming cup of tea. He held it in his hands, the heat from the china cup sinking into his skin and warming up his fingers. The Irishman looked towards Bradley who was taking a sip of his tea, Colin could tell he didn’t like the taste very much, his nose scrunched up a little once the liquid touched his tongue.

“Bradley,” Colin said his name softly. “I thought you didn’t like soya milk.”

Bradley froze mid sip letting his arms fall slowly, resting his mug on his lap between his hands. Colin could faintly hear the tip tap of his fingers against the china cup, the sound of the logs crackling under the burning of the fire beside them.

“I-uh,” Bradley mumbled. “I don’t.”

Colin couldn’t help but chuckle inaudibly at Bradley. “Then why are you drinking it? I’m sure Alwen has normal milk.”

“She does.” Bradley smiled at the angelic sound of Colin’s laughter next to him. “I just…I thought I’d try some… you know…”

Colin gazed at Bradley his eyes flickering with glee. “No actually,” He snickered. “I don’t know.”

 “Well,” Bradley shrugged, suddenly starting to look like a small child hiding away in a corner. “I just thought… if I get used to it… I don’t know… maybe I’d start to like it.”

Colin was completely confused at this point, by the look of disgust on Bradley’s face at the taste of the milk it didn’t look like he’d ever become used to it. But he sat back and let Bradley continue.

Bradley leaned back and sighed heavily. “I just want to try the things that you like so that when we go out together, or if I go over yours or you come over mine then I can maybe make you feel more comfortable by being vegetarian.”

Bradley braved a quick glance at Colin and saw that he was staring at him with wide eyes and an open jaw, quite like he’d been slapped in the face. Bradley wished he could take that ridiculous sentence back, he sounded like a complete idiot, blabbing and letting his words slip out like a God damn waterfall!

And then Colin was laughing. It was that contagious, angelic laugh that made Bradley’s insides go all funny and which he had no control over. The Englishman looked over at him and couldn’t help the smile that graced his features, Colin was laughing sweetly, hand to his lips.

“I must have just sounded like a complete ass.” Bradley muttered embarrassedly, but letting his laughter get the better of him.

“No, no!” Colin spoke still laughing lightly. “It’s just that, I didn’t know you were doing all that for me, I didn’t think you’d go to all that trouble to make me feel… comfortable.” He chuckled.

Bradley grinned, feeling slightly less embarrassed. “I meant, I just didn’t want to eat food that you find disgusting in front of you,” Bradley hoped to God he wasn’t sounding like a fool. “so I thought I could just eat what you eat, you know… so you won’t have to sit there… thinking I’m disgusting for eating meat!”

Colin chuckled wholeheartedly, knocking his shoulder gently against Bradley’s. “You’re so silly James.”

“But you love it Morgan.” Bradley laughed shoving him back harder.

“Thank you though.” Colin said, sipping his warm tea.

“For what?” Bradley asked.

Colin put his cup down on the coffee table quietly; leaning back once again he smiled at Bradley. “For being such a good friend.”

Bradley stared into Colin’s blue eyes, drowning in them because he just couldn’t find the strength to tear his eyes away from them, that fluttery feeling in his stomach returning out of nowhere. And for some reason he could feel himself moving just a little closer to Colin.

An invisible rope was being stubborn and tugging at him towards the smaller man, slowly he was leaning closer, their shoulders bumped against each others and their knees touched. Colin stared at Bradley, not moving, not even breathing at the proximity of their lips.

Bradley could practically feel Colin’s breath tickling his lips, their noses almost touching. The Englishman didn’t know why but he was suddenly tilting his head, tilting his head so that he could reach Colin’s plump lips, and take them between his in a kiss.

A kiss. Bradley’s gulp of air caught in his throat at the thought, he was about to kiss Colin. Bradley was about to kiss Colin on the lips, actually kiss him, in fact kiss his best friend of four years on his lips like a lover would. Until the door to the room opened.

Bradley almost jumped back in alarm at the sound of the door clicking open, his body stiffening in shock as he sat there staring at the blazing fire. Colin was in the same state, he moved away from Bradley slowly, hands clasping together as he twiddled his thumbs to distract himself from everything else.

“My dears,” Alwen burst through the door, the same happy expression plastered on her face. “The bar is shut finally, how was your food?”

The men sitting on the sofa shifted. Bradley looked as though he hadn’t heard a word the elder woman had said while Colin sent her a charming smile, sticking his thumbs up.

“It was lovely.” Colin answered, trying his best to sound as if nothing had just happened out of the blue, although his heart was still beating so fast he could feel it drumming against his chest. “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome my lovely.” Alwen beamed, shuffling into the middle of the room and putting the cups and plates back onto a tray. “Now then, let’s get you both to bed before you doze off in here.”

Colin and Bradley, who’d snapped out of his thoughts at last, helped Alwen to collect the dirty dishes and stood to retrieve their bags by the door. Trailing behind Alwen down out of the cosy living room, they came to the door at the end of the corridor on the left.

“In here.” She said to them, popping the tray onto the step beside them for a moment.

Alwen opened the shrieking wooden door into a darkened room; she stepped inside with the two men following behind her, switching on the dim light to reveal a tiny bedroom. The room was so small that there was barely enough room for three people to lie on the floor.

There were brown curtains hanging from one petite window on the far wall, an old looking wardrobe sat against another wall, and there was one single bed laid out in front of them. One bed. And it was a single bed. A bed for one person. Bradley’s eyes widened in realisation.

“Oh,” Alwen giggled, seeing the look of acknowledgment on Bradley’s face and Colin looking quite confused at the sleeping arrangements. “I’m sorry about the sleeping plan; we only have this room spare and no other beds. Unless one of you would like to sleep on the sofa?” She sighed in thought. “Although we have no other blankets beside a thin cotton one.”

Colin was actually thinking hard about that idea, because right now he could not think of getting so close to Bradley, especially in a single freaking bed after what he’d almost just done in the living room. But, Bradley being Bradley put a big grin on his face and did what he was best at. Being Arthur.

“No, no.” Bradley said, in his so called nice side of Arthur voice. “It’s fine Alwen, honestly. This is fine.” He turned to Colin and put a hand on his shoulder. “Besides, Colin here is so skinny he’d probably be taking up only one sixth of the bed.”

Colin rolled his eyes at his friend, Alwen letting out a small chortle. “Well then, all is ok.” She said with a bright smile. “Now, the bathroom is the second door to the left once you leave this room, there’s towels on the radiator for you. And if any of you need anything just wake us, I’ll be in the next room and my son lives next door.”

“Thank you so much Alwen.” Colin said from the bottom of his heart, feeling a rush of appreciation for this woman who’d taken them in like they were family. “We’re so grateful for this.”

“Yeah,” Bradley agreed entirely. “Thanks for everything.”

“Oh,” Alwen shrugged her shoulders and put a gentle hand on their arms. “You’re welcome my dears, it’s not a problem at all.”

And with that said Alwen left the room to let the two men settle down. There was deadly silence for a while as they both stood still, each one not knowing what to do next. Colin felt a whole lot different now that Alwen had left the room, suddenly feeling as though he shouldn’t talk or he’d have to look Bradley in the eye.

Colin bit his lip timidly, eyes scanning the room, even though there wasn’t much at all to look at. When Bradley suddenly broke the silence Colin almost jumped to the other side of the room in surprise.

“I’ll go use the bathroom first then.” He said, taking off his jacket and tossing it on the floor. “Since you’re such a girl and take hours in there.”

Colin gaped, about to come up with a really good retort that would blow Bradley’s out of the water, but when he looked up at the other man his lips stayed shut. Bradley was smiling at him. That God damn smile that said ‘I love teasing you Morgan’, Colin knew that smile way too well and he couldn’t help smile back.

“I hate you.” Was all Colin said before he threw his bag to the floor and fell back onto the bed, the tension easing on him a little.

“Love you too Cols.” Bradley chuckled, shuffling his now bare feet out the door.

 Colin let out a breath he didn’t even realise he was holding, thanking whatever God was up there for finally letting him be alone, even if it was for just a little while. Colin had been feeling so weird lately, like everything had changed between him and Bradley all of a sudden, like their friendship had taken on a whole new level.

And that one, short minute in the living room not long ago had slapped Colin right in the face. He was going to kiss Bradley. He was going to lean over, touch his lips to Bradleys, and run his fingers through his blonde hair, down his toned chest and along his long, muscled arms…

Shit.” Colin cursed into thin air, something he didn’t do on a regular basis!

Why was he suddenly thinking of kissing Bradley? Why was he suddenly thinking of touching Bradley? Why was he suddenly having all these new and strange feelings that were driving him insane, confusing him to the brink of wanting to scream so loud into the open sky?

He’d never been like this around any of his other friends before, especially not his male ones, and especially not his co-stars for that matter. But there was something about Bradley. Something so different about him that made everything seem much better, made Colin feel like it was alright to have these strange feelings stirring inside him, and that fluttery feeling in his stomach.

Colin felt so relaxed and content around the Englishman. From the first time they’d spent the whole day together and became good friends, to years of being close, knowing each other’s likes and dislikes, good sides and bad sides, and every single secret that they’d tell no one else.

It was like Bradley knew him, like Bradley was the one person he could trust with everything and anything he said or did, and always be there when he needed him. Colin had never had that with any of his other friends his entire life, and not with any of his previous lovers either.

Bradley was special to him. He was always on his mind, the first person he’d turn to when he was feeling down, the person he felt the most comfortable with. And it was starting to scare Colin, frighten him so much that he didn’t know what to do, how to react to something so new and diverse.

He didn’t know what he was feeling. He didn’t know what the feeling was when Bradley smiled at him, when he touched him, when he hugged him or when he held his hand for half a second to show him that he was there for him. Colin didn’t understand.

The Irishman sighed, shutting his eyes as he combed a hand through his already scruffy mop of hair. Every tiny sound in the room reached his ears as he tried to drown out the baffling thoughts; the sound of the old clock ticking on the wall, a thin branch tapping against the glass like a hand knocking on the window, the whisper of the wind as it drove small flakes of snow through the air outside.

Colin felt his body relax.

“Your turn!”

Colin cringed at the sound of the door squeaking open and the other man’s sharp voice, Bradley came storming through the door like the spoilt prince that he was, that stupid grin plastered on his face. Colin felt his stomach do flips and that was his queue to leave.

Before Bradley could utter another word to his friend, Colin had leaped up off the bed, grabbed his bag from beside him with a quick yank and was out the door in an instant. Bradley was left staring at the closed door, wondering why Colin was either tired and wanted to rush to bed, or most likely ignoring him. Bradley pouted and threw his bag to the floor.

Colin had taken precisely sixteen minutes in the bathroom; he’d timed it on his clock, which was a new record for Colin. He’d brushed his teeth, washed his face, changed into his pyjama t-shirt and shorts and even started talking to himself for being such an ass for thinking about Bradley the whole frigging time!

He opened the door to the small room as quietly as he possibly could, cringing as the hinges made a slight squeak, which sounded like someone blowing a trumpet against the silence in the house. The young actor tiptoed into the darkened room, Bradley was hidden underneath the blankets on the bed, having switched off the lights and falling into a deep sleep.

Colin shut the door behind him, letting his bag slip through his fingers to land on the floor. He took one whole minute to realize the situation that he was now in. Bradley sleeping in bed, Bradley sleeping in a single bed, and Bradley sleeping in a single bed that Colin will have to sleep in too.

Colin bit his lip fretfully, watching the diminutive movements of the bed covers as Bradley’s chest rose up and down, his messy blonde hair pocking out from the top of the duvet. He could either sleep on the hard, wood floor with a jacket for cover, or he could stop being a big wimp and brave it by shuffling in beside Bradley on the bed.

Colin sighed inaudibly, inhaling deeply he stepped forward, reaching for the covers. Pinching the sheets with his fingers Colin pulled them up; hoisting his left leg he slipped it under and sat down on the mattress, swinging his other leg to join. Soon he was sitting with his legs laying out straight and his hands clutching the covers.

With one quick glance over at Bradley, Colin made sure he was asleep just so he wasn’t looking like a complete idiot getting into bed. The Irishman was in luck, Bradley was sleeping like a baby, his nose twitching a little which made him look so cute and…

Colin mentally cursed, having had enough of his overworking brain for the day, the actor tore his gaze away from the other man and leaned back against the mattress. He tossed and turned on the bed, until finally resting on his side, facing the door. Within seconds Colin was asleep, too tired and way too aggravated with his own thoughts to stay awake.

What Colin didn’t notice as he slowly drifted off to dreamland was the slight movement beside him. Bradley in fact hadn’t been asleep. The Englishman was wide awake, only pretending to have nodded off, easing off his breathing.

Bradley opened his eyes to the darkness surrounding him, a dim light peeking through the curtains. Slowly he turned his head to his right, the slender figure of Colin lying next to him, his dark locks blending into the shadows.

He sighed quietly and ran a hand through his scruffy hair, fixing his gaze on the curtains shuddering against the weak breeze, sneaking through the gaps in the window. He kept his eyes fixed on the thin material, until he couldn’t hold them open any longer; sleep creeping its way over him.

Bradley shut his eyes, hands coming to rest on his chest comfortably, and listening to the soft, comforting breathing from Colin he gradually fell into slumber.



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