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[Bradley James & Colin Morgan Fanfiction] Anturiaeth yn y dyffrynnoedd - Part 3

Posted on 2011.05.01 at 17:01
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Title: Anturiaeth yn y dyffrynnoedd [Adventure in the Valleys]
Pairing: Bradley James & Colin Morgan [Merlin]
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Romance, Cheesy!
Length: 3 parts - 3/3
Author: ninomiya-arashi [cymrutvxq]
 Summary: Bradley and Colin have decided to take a trip to Merlin's home town in Wales, but, Colin always knew that Bradley was bad at directions, so it was no surprise that they'd get lost. Coming across an old tavern in the middle of nowhere, they decide to stop and take a rest, leaving with a lot more than they expected.

Part 1 Part 2

Here's the last part! Hope you've enjoyed my fic! :)
I know it was cheesy at times, and I hate cheesiness :P but Bradolin are just awesome anyway, so ignore the cheese! :P
Thanks guys!
diolch am ddarllen!


Bradley just couldn’t sleep. He wouldn’t even be able to sleep if he got knocked on the head with a hammer, slapped about a few times and been sprinkled with pixy dust. He’d been tossing and turning around in the bed for ages, trying to get comfortable, adjusting the covers, even counting sheep.

Nothing would work, and Bradley was ready to scream. There’d been one thing on his mind since he laid his head on the soft pillow, one person swimming around in his mind, one name etched at the tip of his tongue. Colin. Colin, Colin, Colin.

That’s who he’d been thinking about, dreaming about the whole two hours he’d been asleep, or just laying there staring up at the patterned ceiling. Colin’s laughter was ringing in his ears, his sky blue eyes looking into his, and the gentle touches of his fingertips sliding down his arms.

It wasn’t helping in the slightest that Colin was sleeping soundly right next to him; he could hear him breathing softly, his body so still on the bed. Bradley was mere inches away from the other man; if he’d move just a little then his shoulder would be pressed up against Colin’s.

Bradley sighed quietly in frustration, tilting his head to the right. Bradley’s breathing hitched for a second as he looked over at Colin, his head was slanting to the side facing Bradley, so close to him that he could feel the gentle breathing escaping him against his face.

Bradley’s lips curved into a contented smile, just gazing at Colin as he slept peacefully beside him. He looked so sweet and innocent against the faint rays of the moonlight peaking through the curtains, his sharp cheekbones, his snow white skin, his raven black hair and his pouting lips; he looked like a striking porcelain doll.

“Beautiful.” Bradley whispered, barely audible in the silent room.

He slowly and steadily got up onto his side, leaning on his elbow, the actor silently observed the other man alongside him. Bradley’s hand had a mind of its own as it hesitantly rose from his side, he hovered his hand inches away from Colin’s face, eager to touch the smooth skin on his fingertips.

Bradley faltered, dying to run his hand down that flawless jaw line, along his long, pale neck. Just to feel. Just to know what it felt like to touch Colin, to touch his skin, his body, to feel his warm flesh beneath his fingers.

Then Bradley pulled his hand away. He bit his lip in disquiet, wondering why the hell he could suddenly be having these crazy thoughts, when did he unexpectedly start having these curious feelings about Colin bloody Morgan.

Bradley sat up straight on the comfy bed, rubbing his hands down his face to try and make everything disappear from his mind, anything to just try and make him forget. Nothing was helping, he just couldn’t understand, he was going to be driven so mad with these feelings that he was tempted to just dive out the window and run as far away from the other man as he possibly could.

Bradley just laughed quietly to himself, shaking his head; he pushed himself to the bottom of the bed and picked up his baggy hoody from underneath his backpack. Instead of jumping through the glass window, he decided it would be best to just have a nice cup of tea to compose himself.

Quietly, and quite clumsily after tripping over his pair of trainers, and Colin’s bag, and putting more pain on his already twisted ankle he made his way out the door. It was fairly cold in the small tavern in the early hours of the morning; the hallway held a slight draft as Bradley stepped out, tiptoeing down the wooden stairs.

As he came to the bottom of the stairs he opened up the small door that led to the bar, it gave a little squeal in protest at being pulled ajar, so Bradley left it open as he limped through and went into the room they sat in just hours before. He took a good look around, trying to decide which door led to the kitchen, the one next to the bar, or the one that was nearest to the entrance hall.

Bradley decided on the one next to the bar, so he took his chance and gave the doorknob a twist, pushing the door open at a snail's pace. What surprised the actor was the faint light that shone in his eyes as he opened it, he was expecting to find complete darkness, but came across a middle sized room that had a lantern shining in the corner.

He pushed the door open a little more, stepping inside the kitchen. It was a beautiful kitchen, wooden cupboards, worktops and island in the middle of the room, grey bricks made up the walls and thick timbered beams ran across the ceiling. There was a stone fireplace sitting on one side of the room, a rocking chair motionless beside it, the fire glowed as it burned the logs giving off a little more light.

Bradley smiled as he saw Alwen fussing about with some cups in the cupboard, leaning across the worktop by the sink, humming serenely to a melodic tune. Bradley gave a tiny cough to catch her attention, startling the woman from her moving about.

Alwen spun on the spot in her puffy, pink slippers, her nightgown flowing around her ankles. She chortled animatedly and held a hand to her heart, sending Bradley a bright smile.

“Bradley, my dear.” She said, urging him with the wave of her hand to come closer. “You startled me.”

“I’m sorry Alwen,” Bradley apologised sincerely, stepping closer to the old woman. “I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Oh,” Alwen pulled out a chair for him, pushing him into it. “I didn’t wake you did I?”

“No, no,” Bradley smiled, sitting down around the island. “I just… couldn’t sleep.”

Alwen patted his shoulder gently, and went back to the cupboard. “Would you like some tea?”

“That would be great, thank you.” Bradley sighed contently, looking forward to taste the warm liquid on his lips.

Alwen picked out two big cups from the cupboard above her, and shoved on the kettle, adding the teabags and sugar to the mugs. Bradley sat quietly in the tall chair, looking out through the window above the sink, nothing but darkness with a few specks of light from a far distance, and tiny dots of snow falling gracefully from the sky.

It looked like a scene from a winter wonderland, a beautiful landscape to look at. The valley was a place that Bradley could feel tranquil, away from all the fuss and stress back in London, where work was the number one priority. Here he was free, to travel to different places that he’d never visited, and do it with someone he cared deeply about.

Bradley heaved a sigh, hiding his face between his hands, shutting his eyes tight. Colin had somehow managed to pop into his head again. He couldn’t go one minute without the Irishman invading his thoughts, not one minute!

“Bradley,” Alwen snapped him out of his thoughts, placing a hot, steaming cup of tea in front of him which he thankfully received. “What is the matter, you seem frustrated my dear?”

Bradley smiled tight lipped, wrapping his hands around the hot mug. “It’s nothing, just thinking about things.”

“Oh,” Alwen sat opposite him, bringing the cup to her lips, and quietly she began taking small sips. “Is it about the lovely Colin?”

Bradley’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets at Alwen’s latest question, taking him completely off guard. How on earth did she know what he was thinking? He was starting to think she was Morgana herself in disguise, reading his thoughts, putting on a bloody good act at being the kindest and bubbliest woman around.

Alwen giggled like a young school girl, placing her cup down on the counter. “Bradley dear, you can tell me, I won’t tell a living soul.”

“How…” Bradley’s words were stuck in his throat, coughing slightly he tried to phrase his words. “H-How did you… you know?”

“I’m a woman Bradley,” Alwen winked, smiling merrily. “I can see things. I see the way you look at him, the way you are with him.” She brought her mug up to her lips. “And I caught that moment you two had in each other’s arms earlier.”

Bradley just stared at Alwen in surprise, completely and utterly speechless. So many things were swimming around in his mind at that moment, like a massive secret had been leaked, and he suddenly had to figure out what it meant, how big this secret was, or what the hell the secret was in the first place.

“Bradley my boy,” Alwen looked at him in all seriousness. “You’re confused aren’t you? You’re so confused about the feelings you’re having for your friend. You’re having feelings for him that you’ve never felt with anyone before, and you’re frightened.”

Bradley gawped at the older woman, looking like a fish out of water. “Wow,” he muttered. “You’re good.”

Alwen chuckled softly, sipping on her tea and taking it between her hands. She stared at Bradley for a little while, waiting for him to say something, and the Englishman knew exactly what she wanted him to say. Or more like admit.

“You’re right.” Bradley sighed, taking a big gulp of the warm tea. “You’re completely right!” He slid a hand through his tangled hair. “I keep… I keep having these… I don’t know… strange feelings when I’m around him.”

Alwen nodded in understanding, urging him to go on.

“I-I just…” Bradley thought for a moment what to say before continuing. “I can’t stop thinking about him… he’s… he’s always on my mind… like constantly! I even miss him when we’re away from each other.” Bradley waved his arm to make his point. “A-And when… when I look at him I… I feel… something.”

Bradley sighed heavily. “I just… don’t know what I’m feeling… I…”

Alwen hummed, tapping her cup with the tip of her finger gently. “I think you know what it is you’re feeling, my dear.” Alwen told him. “I just think you’re scared, scared of feeling it.”

Bradley stared at Alwen, her eyes held honesty, and her smile was sweet and comforting, he couldn’t help but feel so grateful to have met the kind woman. Her words repeated in his head, like a reel of film that was on constant replay, each word digging into his mind deeper.

Alwen let Bradley think for a while, drinking what was left of her big cup of tea, taking a glimpse around the room and deciding what to clean when the sun rose. A wisp of silence floated around the room, both in their own different world of thoughts.

All was quiet until Bradley broke the shield down, realization dawning on him. “Alwen,” he said in a mere whisper, the woman looking at him caringly. “I think I’m falling in love with Colin.”

Alwen just smiled vibrantly. “There,” she patted his hand gently. “You’ve said it at last.”

“I have.” Bradley said, clinging to the mug in his hands, staring a hole into the wooden table. “I’ve actually admitted it. I-I’m falling for my best friend.”

All of a sudden Bradley was beaming; his smile was so wide he could have split his lips, his teeth practically brightening up the place. Alwen chortled happily, putting a hand to her heart in glee, watching the young man laughing joyfully before her.

“I’m falling for Colin bloody Morgan!” Bradley said out loud, suddenly feeling like a whole bag of bricks had been lifted off his shoulders. “Damn! I… I… that’s it, it all makes sense! I can’t even deny it anymore, because… because it’s true… I like him more than… more than a friend!”

Alwen nodded in agreement, Bradley letting out a loud laugh. “Alwen!” he stood, just about running to the other side of the island. “Thank you!”

Alwen let out a joyous laugh as she was embraced in a giant bear hug by Bradley; his laughter echoing in the bricked room, so happy was he that the old woman could hear it in his voice.

“Thank you so much!” Bradley repeated, taking a hold of her hands and squeezing them lightly. “This is all down to you!” he said with a grin. “If you hadn’t had said what I was thinking out loud... hadn’t had pushed me just a little… I-I don’t think I ever would have admitted it!”

The Welsh woman grinned. “Well I’m sure you would have,” she said. “Sooner or later it would have driven you crazy.”

Bradley laughed, sitting back in his chair. “No,” he downed the last bit of his tea. “I’m way too stubborn.”

They both laughed quietly in the small kitchen, the two mugs of tea finished, and the clock ticking away on the wall as time went by quickly. Alwen got up to collect the cups, placing them carefully into the sink.

“Now then,” She said to Bradley, who was looking like he was deep in thought one more. “What will you do?”

He looked at Alwen like she had just sprouted two heads, the question seeming like a foreign language. He hadn’t really thought the whole process through.

“I- I don’t know.” He admitted. “Shall I tell him?” then Bradley gasped at his own brainless thinking. “God no!” What if… what if he never wants to speak to me again?”

“Bradley.” Alwen place her hand on his shoulder to encourage the man. “You must tell him my dear, what is life if you don’t take chances.”

Bradley fiddled with his thumbs, biting his bottom lip. “Yeah,” he huffed. “Yeah, that’s true. I… I’ll tell him how I feel.”

“Besides,” Alwen clasped her hands together, a cheeky grin plastering her face. “I think, in fact I know, he feels the same way about you.”

Bradley’s neck twisted to look at her so fast he could have sworn he heard it click. “What?” he said. “What do you mean? How do you know? Did he tell you something?”

Alwen giggled, throwing her hands up in the air. “What is this, twenty questions?”

Bradley chuckled softly. “Sorry.”

“No dear, I was only teasing.” She swatted at thin air. “He hasn’t told me anything. I can just see it in him too.”

“See what?” Bradley asked, starting to feel so anxious that he was slowly slipping to the edge of his seat.

“What I saw in you.” She answered simply. “The way he looks at you, the way he is around you, the way he acts. He practically blushes like a bride when you wrap your arms around him.”

Bradley couldn’t help the smile that painted his features, he felt a rush of gladness inside him, and he felt giddy and so over the moon that he could just run to Colin and kiss him senseless. Then that thought made his heart skip a beat.

He wanted to kiss Colin. He just wanted to grab hold of his slim body, pull him into his arms and kiss the extraordinarily amazing man. Bradley wanted to kiss Colin Morgan. Bradley wanted to embrace him, cuddle him, hold his hand, pick him up when it was raining or call him at stupid o’clock in the morning when he missed him.

Bradley was falling in love with Colin Morgan of all people. The man he’d known for years now, the man he’d been working beside for so long, the man he’d become such good friends with that it had turned out to be so much more than friendship.

And Bradley couldn’t help the grin that he had on his face, and he couldn’t help the beating of his heart as it thumped repeatedly against his chest like it was about to explode. The actor had never felt like this in his entire life, and it felt bloody brilliant.

“I need to tell him.” Bradley said all of a sudden. “I just… if you say there’s a chance he could like me back then,” Bradley smiled eagerly. “I have to tell him!”

Alwen chuckled at Bradley’s exciting tone of voice. “Of course you do my dear, how else is he going to know!” she winked.

Bradley lit up the room with his dazzling smile, and before she could utter another word he was up off the stool like a bullet, ready for action. He exhaled deeply, more than once, like he was about to run a great, big marathon.

“I’m going to tell him now.” He said with confidence. “I can’t wait, I have to tell him.”

“Yes,” Alwen agreed, letting out a small snicker. “I really think you do.”

Bradley smiled at her genuinely, giving her a gentle hug. “Thank you so much Alwen, you’ve really helped a lot.”

“You’re welcome my dear.” She smiled sweetly. “Now up you go, I’m sure you’re dying to run up those stairs.”

Bradley laughed, pointing at his foot. “That’s if my foot will let me.”

“Oh yes,” Alwen grinned animatedly. “Can’t forget that now can we, well take your time then.”

“I’ll be ok.” Bradley said, not sure if he was talking about his foot, or the fact that he was starting to get jumpy butterflies fluttering like mad in his stomach. “I’ll see you tomorrow… well later.” He corrected.

Alwen nodded, giving him one last pat on the back before he left the kitchen, leaving her to sort out things in the room. She toddled over to the fireplace, grabbing a metal rod and stabbing the flamed logs, with a smile on her face she started to sing softly.

Meanwhile Bradley was making his way to the spare room, slowly but surely, his foot starting to really do his head in. He let out a sigh in relief as he came to the top of the stairs, inch by inch he took steps towards his room, and every step his breathing became heavier.

 Soon he was standing in front of the tall, dark door, just looking like a complete idiot staring at it like it was some sort of threat. Exhaling intensely the blonde man took a step forward, reaching for the metal doorknob, turning it leisurely in his hand until he heard the small click coming from the lock.

Bradley pushed the door inwards until it opened just a fraction, and then sneakily he stepped inside without a sound, closing the door behind him. He was surrounded by the pitch black of the spare room once again, except for the glow of the moon creeping its way in and creating streaks of light across the floor.

Bradley took one look at Colin, lying on his side facing the door, his hands placed by his head and his feet peeking out at the other end of the blanket. His hair was sticking up at all ends, his eyebrows furrowed together in a deep frown, and his lips turned upside down in a cute pout.

Bradley was wondering what the Irishman was dreaming of, wondering what could make him frown. It hit Bradley that everything he had admitted to Alwen, every word he had said out loud about his feelings, they were all true, just looking at Colin at that instant made it all real.

Watching him sleeping so peacefully on that bed, Bradley felt like he could get used to it, would want to do it every day, every night, for the rest of his life. He couldn’t help smile like a stupid clown at the thought, of having to wake up with Colin, go to sleep with Colin, do every bloody thing with Colin.

Bradley grinned like a fool, tiptoeing to the bed he slowly pulled the covers up on the other side of Colin, and not so gracefully plonked himself behind the younger man and laid down. Thankfully Colin only stirred at the clumsy moves Bradley had made, his frown growing and his hands tucking under his head.

Bradley sighed quietly, moving onto his side so that he was facing Colin’s back, scooting closer until their bodies touched. The Englishman aligned their bodies together, his chest pressing against Colin’s upper back, his legs bending to shape his. Their figures felt like they fitted so perfectly that Bradley’s smile got even bigger.

He shifted the arm he was leaning on so that it rested above Colin’s mop of dark hair, his other arm unhurriedly snaking its way around Colin’s slim waist. Bradley inhaled deeply as he wound his arm around the other man, bringing him tighter against his body, the tip of his nose touching the back of his neck.

Bradley felt a surge of warmth run through his body at having the smaller man in his arms at last, to have him so tight up against him, and to inhale his scent that smelt of coffee, mint toothpaste and freshly washed clothing. He smelt so sweet, so good; so much like home that Bradley hugged him tighter.


Bradley froze, Colin seemed to have reacted to him pulling their bodies together, he groaned crankily and shifted his hands to rest in front of him. And that’s when it happened, realization dawning on the younger actor; Bradley held back a chuckle as he felt Colin’s whole body stiffen.

“Bradley?” Colin said in a mere whisper, confusion and surprise clear in his voice.

“Yes.” Bradley mumbled, sliding his hand that was wrapped around the other’s waist to rest on his chest.


Within seconds Colin had shot up like a bullet, shoving Bradley away from him, and sitting up with his eyes wide and mouth gawping in disbelief. Colin clung to the duvet in his hands, staring at Bradley like he’d just committed murder right there in front of him.

“W-What... What were... what are you...” he muttered uncontrollably in his thick Irish accent.

Bradley smiled charmingly, shifting on the bed to get closer to the younger man, who by now was sitting like a statue beside him, words stuck in his throat.

“Colin,” Bradley spoke gently, keeping his hands to himself. “I’m sorry for... well for being a bit too... forward.”

“I... you... what?” Colin blinked animatedly.

“I...” Bradley stopped himself from going any further, because frankly he knew he was making a fool of himself. “Oh for fuck sake!” He moaned, running a hand through his hair. “You know what, I’m not sorry for being too forward!”

Colin stared at Bradley like a deer caught in headlights, obviously shocked by the sudden change of tone, and the seriousness Bradley had started to show in his expression.

“Colin.” Bradley said softly, and bravely he reached over to take hold of the Irishman’s hands in his.

Colin stared down at their hands, his smaller ones held in Bradleys tightly. His gaze moved to look at the other man straight in the eye, he didn’t know what to say, what to do, but to listen to what Bradley was about to tell him.

“Colin.” Bradley repeated, confident that Colin wasn’t going pull away, or push him away. “I’ve got to tell you something, something that I’ve taken a while to realise. I’ve been pulling my hair out and going nuts just trying to figure out why I keep having these... feelings... these feelings whenever I’m around you.”

Colin’s eyes grew wider; his heart beat so rapidly against his chest he could feel it. “Colin, I’ve known you for so long now,” Bradley continued. “And we’ve been such good friends, we’ve become closer than ever this last year, and I’ve started to see you differently... in a good way.” He added with a smile.

Bradley was relieved to see a small smile grace Colin’s pink lips, his body relaxing. “I-I can’t stop thinking about you when we’re away from each other... when I’m in London and- and when you’re so far away in Ireland, I... I just feel...” Bradley sighed. “I feel lost. Like something’s missing.”

“Bradley...” Colin whispered, barely audible.

“Wait, let me finish.” Bradley said softly, gripping Colin’s hands in his tighter. “What I’m trying to say Col, before I begin rambling on again.” Colin laughed quietly. “I really like you. Like, like you like you, as in I like you a lot. As in... I like you very much, like, I like... I... wait...”

Bradley thought for a second, repeating the sentence he’d just said in his head, and then realizing what a complete moron he must have sounded. Colin laughed sincerely at him, suddenly taking a hold of his hands in return, enjoying the moment more than he could possibly describe.

Bradley opened his mouth to repeat what he’d just said, but in a much better way that would actually make sense, but was cut off as Colin began to talk.

“Bradley.” He said, a grin plastering his face. “I like you too.”

Bradley was about to say something that would get Colin swooning over him, just to show him how frigging serious he was being, when the other man’s words travelled through him. And he took about a minute to register what Colin had just said to him. A whole minute exactly.

“You what?” was Bradley’s genius reply.

Colin merely laughed at Bradley’s eyebrows shooting up to hide under his fringe and his blue eyes getting bigger. “I said, I like you too.” Colin repeated once again. “I... I was just... shocked... who wouldn’t be when you wake up and someone you like has their arms wrapped around you and breathing down your neck!”

Bradley relaxed and let a chuckle passed his lips. “Sorry,” he blushed slightly. “I just wanted... to... you know.”

Colin rolled his eyes at the other man’s sudden shyness, but smiled happily since he was feeling over the moon. “Bradley?”

“Yeah?” Bradley looked down at their entwined fingers; Colin was holding his hands back, which must mean that the other man had accepted him... right?

“What... what you just said, d-do you really miss me... when were away in different countries?” he asked, also looking down at their hands.

“No,” Bradley said simply, surprising Colin who gazed at him with wide eyes. “I miss you even when were in the same country.”

He grinned brightly at the smaller man, who laughed softly, a smile replacing his frown. Bradley brought Colin’s hands up, resting them against his chest, and with a genuine smile he carried on talking like there was no tomorrow.

“I miss you when we’re both in London in our flats, twenty minutes away in the car. I miss you when we’re both in Wales, in the same hotel but our rooms are on different sides of the building.” He traced a thumb across Colin’s palm. “I miss you when we’re filming, I’m filming one scene and you’re filming another. And I even miss you when we’re in the same room, when you’re all the way on the other side of it, and I can’t get to you because there are too many people who want nothing than to talk to us about swords, dragons and kings.”

 Colin laughed, a barely visible blush staining his cheeks, he was suddenly feeling like a school boy having his crush declare his love for him. He had no idea that his best friend would feel the same way for him as he felt for Bradley; it was like living a dream, after so long of trying to hide it and forget he even had feelings for the other man, now he could just scream and shout to the world because his feelings were returned.

No more denying his own feelings. No more trying to hide them with silly cover-ups. No more trying to avoid the thought that Colin Morgan was falling in love with Bradley James. He felt a smile tug at his lips, and a wash of relief and warmth run through his body, shivers running down his spine every time Bradley ran his thumb across his palm gently.

“Do you... do you think we could...” Colin began, not sure how to put his next question. “Do you think we could... maybe...?”

“Start dating?” Bradley finished with a cheeky grin. “Try things and see how they go? Go out with each other?”

Colin chuckled, and nodded. “Yes, any one of those will do, James.”

Bradley laughed with him, placing their linked hands on his lap. “I think we should definitely consider them, although...”

“Although?” Colin raised a brow in question.

“Must we wait until the second date for a first kiss?” Bradley couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his lips like wildfire; the more he glanced at the other man’s perfect plump lips the more he wanted to ravish them with his own!

 Colin seemed to think this over for a second, biting his lip and scrunching his eyebrows together like he was in deep thought. It only made him look even cuter than ever, and made Bradley get that weird feeling in the pit of his stomach again, which didn’t help the fact that he just wanted to hug the living crap out of him.

“I don’t think that’s necessary.” Colin answered, slipping a hand up Bradley’s arm.

“Oh, really?” Bradley quirked an eyebrow, loving the feeling of Colin’s slender fingers creeping up his arm, and resting a hand on his shoulder. “You sure you don’t want to ruin your good boy image, Morgan?”

Colin shrugged, a smile gracing his lips. “With you alongside me, James, I think that image of me was destroyed a long time ago.”

Bradley chuckled wholeheartedly, his hands reaching out to pull Colin closer to him, their chests almost touching. Colin grinned as he wound his arms along Bradley’s broad shoulders, leaning so close that their noses brushed.

“You sure you want to do this now, Merlin?” Bradley teased, tilting his head to the side, a naughty smile on his face. “Once you kiss a Pendragon there’s no going back.”

“Oh, I’m sure I can handle it, Arthur.” Colin chuckled softly, bringing their lips closer together, “It’s the sorcerers you want to look out for.”

And the gap was closed. Their lips came together like a perfect fit; the touch was so soft that it felt surreal, like the touch of a feather tracing along the lips. Colin’s lips felt so good against Bradleys like it was all a dream, he deepened the kiss to assure himself that it was really happening, pulling the smaller man closer as his fingers gently rested at the back of his neck.

Colin had never been kissed like this before, with so much want and need, so gentle yet passionate. He felt Bradley tug him closer, their lips sliding together, hands grabbing at locks of hair and pieces of clothing. The Irishman couldn’t prevent the moan that sounded in his throat, as Bradley’s tongue passed his lips.

They kissed deeper and harder, tongues sliding together, moans escaping passed their lips at the amazing feeling building up inside them. It had never felt so good to kiss someone, to hold them and feel them.

Colin had to pull back for air before he would start to faint for loss of oxygen, he breathed heavily, his lips swollen red and fingers tangled in Bradley’s blonde locks. The Englishman grinned at him, dying to just laugh because he was so frigging happy in that moment and he didn’t care if he made a fool of himself or woke up the whole valley.

“Wow,” Bradley breathed, the smile never leaving him. “That was bloody brilliant.”

“Well, what did you expect?” Colin chuckled, smiling cheekily. “Merlin the magnificent lives up to his name!”

Bradley’s head flew back as he let out a loud laugh, echoing off the bricked walls. Colin couldn’t contain his laughter, while shaking Bradley and poking him in the sides, trying to tune down his noisy fits of laughter that God knows who could probably hear from miles away, let alone the occupants of the tavern.

“Bradley!” Colin tried to sound serious, but was failing miserably. “Bradley!” He laughed quietly, as the other actor’s laughter died down. “You’ll wake everyone.”

“Oopsy.” He grinned like a Cheshire cat, and leaning back onto the mattress it stayed in place. “We’d better not crack jokes then.”

Colin chuckled, watching as Bradley laid a hand behind his head, and the other slowly snuck its way into Colins. Bradley grinned happily as he gently tugged on Colin’s hand, inviting him closer, and into Bradley’s arms.

The younger actor didn’t hesitate; he comfortably lay down beside Bradley, weaving an arm around his toned chest. Bradley let out a sigh of pleasure, finally, having Colin in his arms was the greatest feeling in the world, and it couldn’t get any better than this.

“So,” Colin broke the silence with a slight whisper. “Does this mean... we’re... officially going out?”

“What are you, a school girl?” Bradley teased, chuckling as Colin poked him hard in the rib. “Sorry, sorry!”

“You know what I mean you dumbass.” Colin said in a joking tone. “Are we like... a couple now?”

“Uh well,” Bradley sounded as if he was contemplating on it, trying his best to tease the younger man further. “You know, when two people snog each other’s faces off, it kind of means they’re a bit more than friends, Morgan.”

Colin snorted, rolling his eyes. “Very funny, James.”

“I know, right?” Bradley sniggered, running a hand through Colin’s black hair. “But in all seriousness, yes Colin, I do believe we are a ‘couple’ as you put it.”

Colin laughed, leaning up on his arm he looked up at Bradley, with that stupidly cute grin on his face. “Tell me why I fell for you again?”

“Cos I’m Prince Arthur,” Bradley said in a serious voice, as if talking to the people of Camelot. “Gorgeous and sexy, unbelievably smart, courageous in battle, charming personality, soon to be a bloody amazing King... not to mention I’m good with a sword.” At this he wiggled his eyebrows.

Colin burst out into laughter at Bradley’s so called speech, head falling onto the other’s chest. He wondered how the hell King Arthur kept Camelot together if he was anything like Bradley; he knew for sure all knights would be joined in a football team, all women would be shoved in the kitchens making big, meaty burgers, and Merlin, well God help Merlin.

“I’d be a marvellous Prince, I’ll have you know.” Bradley said as his voice grew in pitch. “Free beer for everyone! Big juicy meat sold in a medieval style McDonalds, and vegetarian menus of course... see how well I’d treat Merlin.”

Colin rolled his eyes. “Bradley, I’m sure Merlin wasn’t even vegetarian.”

“Well then,” Bradley snorted reeling Colin in closer by yanking on his t-shirt. “I’d still treat Merlin like a King, giving him everything he deserved, like he was the greatest warlock to ever live.”

Colin chuckled, leaning forward bit by bit. “Bradley, Merlin was the greatest warlock who ever lived.”

They both laughed wholeheartedly before their lips met once again, kissing tenderly and slow, giggling like a bunch of school boys in between. And they carried on until the late hours of the morning, until they got so tired that they fell asleep, practically tangled up in each other.


Alwen had opened the tavern at precisely ten o’clock on the dot, just like every morning from Mondays to Fridays. She had tidied the bar and the seating area, gathered the clean cutlery and table cloths, checked on the drinks and food stocks, and heated the gigantic fire in the main room.

Everything was in place, ready for the busy day ahead, waiting for the travellers, guests and locals to spend an hour or more in the homely pub. Alwen smiled happily as she left the kitchen after checking up on her chefs and son, trotting behind the bar to count the clean glasses that were laid out.

Like the bubbly Welsh woman that she was she began humming a merry tune softly, sorting the glasses into groups and checking for signs of smudges. As she was inspecting one of the glasses closely, squinting just a little because of her terrible eyesight, the door to her right opened, and through it came Bradley with the brightest smile on his face.

“Bore da!” Bradley grinned, the hint of complete happiness in his tone.

“Oh,” Alwen put down her glass and chuckled as Bradley skipped to the front of the bar, shoving two bags by his feet. “Speaking Welsh already?”

“Well yes,” Bradley’s smile grew even wider, if possible. “I asked your ever so kind son this morning.” He leaned forward, resting his arms across the countertop. “And how are you this morning Mrs Jones?”

Alwen’s eyebrows rose into her hairline in amusement. “I’m very well my dear. And I can see that you are well too.” She let a smile grace her lips. “Am I right in saying that things went well with you and Colin?”

“Well,” Bradley drew out, smiling like a kid with candy. “You could say that.”

Alwen’s grin grew wide as Bradley laughed charmingly like he was floating on cloud nine. “What did I tell you, he likes you too.”

“You!” Bradley said, directing his gaze straight at the Welshwoman. “Are bloody amazing!”

Alwen giggled, Bradley being very dramatic and blowing her kisses, swinging his hands out in the air after each one. He really knew how to make a scene.

“Cheating on me already James?”

Bradley was startled out of his own version of an overly dramatic actor thanking the world with blowing kisses, by none other than the man he’d spent the night with, cuddling and kissing like his life depended on it. The thought itself made the grin splatter across his face.

Colin came through the back door, a smirk in place. “I knew it was too good to be true.”

Bradley gasped, holding a hand to his heart. “I would never cheat on such a beautiful man!”

Colin strode over to the taller actor, rolling his eyes in the process as he came to stand beside him. “Call me that again and you’ll be out in the cold.”

“Learn to take a compliment Morgan.” Bradley grinned cheekily, sneaking an arm around his new lover’s slim waist.

Colin blushed, suddenly turning all shy and diverting his gaze to the floor, a bashful smile tugging at his lips. Bradley laughed softly at Colin’s mindboggling cuteness, pulling him in slowly until their bodies came together.

Bradley.” Colin whispered embarrassedly, his cheeks turning a deeper shade of red as the other man practically fondled him.

Bradley chuckled. “I’m sure Alwen doesn’t mind.” He grinned delightfully at said woman.

“Oh no,” She winked at the couple. “Don’t mind me.” Alwen went back to shuffling through the glasses, whistling a happy tune.

“See.” Bradley smiled widely, hands coming around to settle on Colin’s lower back.

Colin shyly placed his hands on Bradley’s shoulders, blue eyes looking into his, and his smile growing as he felt that shudder of bliss travel through him. Within seconds Bradley had leaned down and planted his lips upon his, kissing Colin softly, moulding their lips together to fit perfectly.

Colin sighed into the kiss, holding back a groan as he parted his lips, letting Bradley’s tongue slip through and explore. Bradley made Colin’s legs feel like jelly, kissing him so slow yet so keenly, his hands moving gently across his back.

“Wahey! Get in there Bradley!”

“Get a room you two!”

Colin tore away from Bradley in one swift movement. Walking through the hallway into the bar was Iolo and three other men, wolf whistling and cheering light-heartedly at the couple who seemed to be caught up in their own world.

Colin’s cheeks instantaneously glowed red in embarrassment, he could feel them heating up all the way to the tip of his ears. Bradley was smiling like four men hadn’t just walked in on them snogging each other’s faces off, that stupidly handsome grin of his.

“Well,” Iolo strolled over to them, the other men making their way to the kitchen. “Looks like you boys had a good night last night.”

“How can you tell?” Alwen joked, starting to stack some bottles on the shelf.

Bradley chuckled, holding Colin close. “We did indeed. Best night sleep I’ve ever had.”

He looked down at Colin whose cheeks were practically on fire; he wasn’t used to being all lovey-dovey in front of people, having another man compliment and practically fondle him in public. The Irishman nudged Bradley gently, picking up his bag off the floor.

Bradley grinned cheerfully and picked up his own bag, his free arm winding around Colin’s shoulders. “I think we’d better be off so that we have enough time to get lost.”

Alwen and Iolo laughed. Iolo leaned over the wooden counter of the bar, and after a minute of fumbling and fiddling with papers on the other side, the Welshman found a small piece of paper and handed it to Bradley.

“Directions to Carmarthen.” He said.

Bradley took the paper and read it, simple instructions to find their way to the village they were out looking for. “Thank you so much!” he said sincerely. “Looks like we won’t be getting lost after all!”

“Hopefully.” Colin rolled his eyes teasingly.

And that was that. After checking that they’d put everything back in their bags, Alwen fussing over Bradley’s ankle that was a lot better than the night before, and handing them a big bag full of bagels for them to eat on their way, they were ready to hit the road.

“Thank you so much for everything Alwen.” Colin said, giving the old woman a tight hug.

They were standing outside the front door of the homely tavern, saying their goodbyes, Iolo and Alwen wishing them luck on finding their way to Carmarthen which was what Bradley would need to find the M4 from where they were.

Bradley pulled away from the hug he’d given Alwen, while Colin said his farewell to Iolo. She looked at him with a big smile across her face and he knew exactly what she was thinking. Bradley grinned back and squeezed her hand gently.

“Thank you Alwen.” He said truthfully. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Oh, come on now Bradley,” She chortled. “I’m sure you would have done something sooner than later.”

As the two laughed at their own little secret, Colin couldn’t help but notice. “Done what?” he asked curiously.

“Oh,” Bradley sent Alwen a wink. “Nothing. Just something to do with my ankle.”

Colin raised an eyebrow, obviously not believing a word. Bradley just sent him a wide grin, slinging an arm around him and planting a big sloppy kiss atop his head. Colin grimaced light-heartedly, falling more and more for the older man whenever he smiled at him like that.

“Let’s get a move on then, Col.” Bradley said, pulling him along.

“Drive carefully.” Alwen exclaimed. “And don’t push yourself too much with that ankle.”

 Bradley saluted her, and turned around on the spot, Colin having no choice but to be dragged along. As they walked carefully over the snowy pavement towards the car, they clung to each other in the cold air, eager to get into the shelter of the car and turn up the heaters.

 Once getting to the car they split, Bradley heading for the driver’s side, trying his best not to suddenly fall flat on his behind and twist his other ankle, or knock his head against the car door. They both opened up their car doors, and before getting inside the actors sent Alwen and her son a wave.

“Thanks again!” Bradley called. “We owe you big time!”

“Thank you!” Colin said, before escaping the freezing weather and throwing himself into the car.

Alwen and Iolo returned the wave, watching as the couple got into the blue car, feeling like their toes were about to fall off standing in the doorway. The air was getting even frostier that morning; the sun was hiding behind the clouds, enclosing the heat.

“Shall we go back inside?” Iolo asked his mother in Welsh, wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulder. “I’m sure they won’t leave for a little while.”

“Yes dear,” Alwen agreed, watching as Bradley and Colin fiddled about with their bags in the car. “I must say…” Iolo raised a questioning brow. “… they seem to have the same chemistry off set as they do playing Merlin and Arthur.”

“I know!” Iolo agreed, guiding his mother inside the house. “Let’s go put the kettle on, and watch series two of Merlin in the bar before it gets busy in there. What episode are we on again?”

“I do believe it was episode four.” Alwen answered, letting her son help her inside, shutting the door behind them and pleased for the warmth inside.

Meanwhile in the car, Bradley was reading the instructions that Iolo had kindly written down for them, while Colin was practically hanging off the seat, leaning into the back of the car with his butt up in the air once again. Bradley was having a hard time trying to read.

“As much as I like to stare at your ass a lot Colin,” Bradley began, eyeing up the rather skinny bottom that belonged to a rather skinny Irishman. “Could you please control it, and make sure it doesn’t knock me out?”

Bradley could hear the angelic laughter of Colin travelling through the back of the car, his hip nudging Bradley’s shoulder hard as a reply. The older actor laughed wholeheartedly, throwing his head back against the head rest, completely amused at Colin’s butt wiggling and gibberish mumbling.

“Ah ha!” Colin shouted in victory, flinging himself back to sit on the passenger’s seat. “Got it.”

Bradley watched in utter enjoyment as Colin sat back down with a slight thump, a huge grin on his face, as he shoved a black beanie on top of his messy mop of dark hair. He smiled brightly showing his brilliant white teeth, sitting comfortably and ready to go.

“You,” Bradley began, shoving the piece of paper into his side door. “wobbled your ass in the air just to get your hat?”

“Well yes!” Colin said simply, a cheeky smirk playing on his lips.

Bradley chuckled softly feeling like he was on top of the world, feeling like he was the happiest guy in the whole universe at being able to be in the presence of Colin Morgan. To be able to watch him smile, listen to him laugh, hold his hand, and kiss his lips.

Bradley James was so damn lucky that he couldn’t ask for anything more. He reached a hand over to take a hold of Colin’s, entwining their fingers together, pulling their hands to rest on his lap. The Irishman smiled cutely at him, his fringe sticking out from under the hat in all directions, his cheeks flushed pink and his eyes virtually shining like bright stars

“You’re beautiful.” Bradley said in a soft voice, leaning over slightly until their shoulders brushed.

Colin’s cheeks turned even pinker under Bradley’s gaze, he bowed his head and stared at their linked hands, but he couldn’t hide the elated smile that made its way out.

“Thank you.” Colin murmured quietly, giving Bradley’s hand a small squeeze.

Bradley grinned, rubbing circles with his thumb across Colin’s pale hand. “See, it’s not hard to take a compliment.”

Colin chuckled inaudibly, feeling shivers run down his spine at the touch of Bradley’s thumb against his hand, when his other hand lifted to rest against the back of his neck, cold fingers prickling against his warm flesh. He never knew he could feel this way, with anyone.

Bradley closed the gap between them as he leant forward, planting his lips onto Colin’s softly. They kissed tenderly, lips chapped and icy yet it felt so good that Bradley really didn’t want to pull away, and drive all that way without being able to kiss the other man unless they were lucky to be stuck in a traffic jam somewhere.

“Let’s get a move on.” Colin mumbled as they broke the kiss, lips still just inches apart. “Before it gets dark again.”

Bradley snickered lightly before steeling another quick kiss with his new lover, reluctantly leaning back in his seat and unlinking their hands so that he could stick the engine on. After much fiddling and fussing over the key, the heating and the radio they were all set.

“Let’s go!” Bradley announced as he stuck his foot down on the pedal.

“Let’s.” Colin grinned, clapping his hands together a bit too excited to be going on a road trip. “Time to get lost in the Welsh valleys… again.”

Bradley laughed, which made Colin laugh, which made them both laugh even more. And as Bradley drove to the end of the street where he was about to turn left, he stopped the car for a few seconds, just so he could lean over and give Colin one more kiss for the road.



wrizzlebee at 2011-05-02 03:13 (UTC) (Link)
I loved this! How you picture their relationship and of course their banter! *sighs* I was really feeling the love between them. And how Alwen and Iolo are Merlinfans and just pretend they're not was really unexpected. I liked it. :)

(oh, and Colin is a bit taller than Arthur, not the other way around.)
wrizzlebee at 2011-05-02 03:21 (UTC) (Link)
of course I meant than Bradley. Sorry for this, it's just too late. ;)
ninomiya_arashi at 2011-05-02 16:46 (UTC) (Link)
thank yoou~ :) so glad you enjoyed! Thought I'd spice up the ending a bit! :P
I knoow.. but I like to pretend Colin's shorter :P
echoing_seas at 2011-05-02 05:45 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks so much for posting this! I loved the boys' interaction and banter!! Having Alwen and Iolo be secret fans was a nice twist as well - thanks so much for posting!
ninomiya_arashi at 2011-05-02 16:47 (UTC) (Link)
you're welcome! thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)
echoing_seas at 2011-05-03 00:40 (UTC) (Link)
Of course - I had to post something in response to such an awesome fic! Thanks again for writing :)
finurtchel at 2011-05-02 14:00 (UTC) (Link)
Wonderful and so adorable :) I really really enjoyed reading that! Awesome work <3
ninomiya_arashi at 2011-05-02 16:47 (UTC) (Link)
aww thank you! :) so glad you liked it!
hampshirerose at 2011-05-02 21:04 (UTC) (Link)
You know "cheesiness" can be really good sometimes - this was one of them :)

Thank you.
ninomiya_arashi at 2011-05-03 19:01 (UTC) (Link)
yep, I'm just not used to being so cheesy! :P
You're welcome, thanks for reading and commenting! :)
archaeologist_d at 2011-05-22 20:32 (UTC) (Link)
That was sweet. Loved how the Alwen and Iolo were Merlin fans and probably recognized them both right away. Very cool.
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