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Star Trek Fic.. Part 5/5.. the end!

Posted on 2012.08.08 at 12:49
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Finally come to an end, here's the last little bit of the McChekov tale... hope you guys enjoyed, and look out for my Charles & Erik from X-Men fic coming up (hopefully) soon! :D
Cos everyone knows Professor X and Magneto were so doing it behind closed doors. I mean talk about sexual frustration.

Anywho... onward to the fic!

Title: Closer
By: ninomiya-arashi (cymrutvxq)
Pairing/s: 2009 Star Trek - McChekov (McCoy/Chekov), Kulu (Kirk/Sulu)
Genre: Drama, Fluff
Length: 5 parts (5/5)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Cockyness.. yeah, it's Kirk.
Summary: 'It was the silence that wound him the most. The deadly silence as every human and alien around the transporter room stood in disbelief, in fear, in distress for the woman who had fallen to her death, and the man who had just lost his mother.'   

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The time had come again. It was time to brave it, to face a fear, to step aboard a shuttle that was probably made out of metal as thin as a tin of tuna. Those stupid windows that could crack at the mere pressure of gravity, and those damn metal beams that had people ducking and dodging every time they turned around.

Leonard McCoy hated space. No, not space itself, but the things in space and the mechanical machines and flying objects that sat out there in all their glory. Not to mention the bad ass comets that seem to want to scare the living daylights out of people every chance they get, and the strange, unknown planets that always seem to involve bad tempered aliens or creatures the size of London Bridge.

So, McCoy didn’t really have a lot to hate about space, just those few things, and the fact that any moment you’re out there something could happen in a split second, your body could be sucked out into the darkness and tortured while gravity decides to laugh in your face. That was probably his main concern.

And he wasn’t travelling with the best of people either. Oh no, he had to be put into a small sized shuttle with Jim Kirk. So much for being the Captain who should be sitting at the front showing off, as usual, doing captaincy things, instead of sitting next to the medical officer who he’d be bragging to and annoying the whole way from the academy to the Enterprise.

As he climbed aboard the said shuttle, he really wished he’d brought a pair of earmuffs with him, or at least a long piece of cloth to wrap tightly around Kirk’s big mouth to shut him up.

“I mean did you see it, Bones? Epic!”

“Yes, I saw it Jim.”

“Seriously though, I was crapping my pants the whole time!”

“I bet you were.”

“Those Romulans got a taste of their own medicine, the bastards!”


And it went on. Even as they stepped through the moving doors into the vessel, where every crew member congratulated their new Captain and couldn’t contain their shouts and clapping, Kirk went on about how they were near to death, between shaking hands and giving his audience a beaming smile. McCoy rolled his eyes; he’d tuned out minutes ago.

 As they scuttled through the craft, dodging passengers who clearly couldn’t stop kiss-assing, Kirk turned to McCoy who was close enough to jabbing the lot of them with hyposprays. He was speaking to him directly, McCoy could tell by the eye contact, and he was gutted that he actually had to listen.

“…and I did look pretty damn good in that chair.” Kirk grinned, that cheeky grin that could make McCoy puke.

McCoy snorted loud enough to make Kirk glare in his direction. “You wish, Captain I’m so Cocky.”

Kirk laughed loudly, slapping a hand to the doctor’s shoulder. “Wow Bones, you made a joke!”

“Good observation.” McCoy rolled his eyes, swatting Kirk’s hand away. “Aren’t you supposed to be sitting up front anyway?”

Kirk grunted rather unattractively as he balanced himself against a seat. “I’m not starting my Captain duties until my foot touches the Enterprise.” He smirked suddenly. “And besides, I don’t want my helmsman getting lonely.”

Kirk smiled so self-satisfied that you could have sworn he’d just had the best night of his life, which he kind of did half the time he spent at the academy. Before McCoy could even question what Kirk was going on about, the Captain had waved a hand at him and fell into the nearest seat.

McCoy’s brow lifted in curiosity at the mop of black hair that peeked from the top of the chair that was next to Kirk’s seat, and his curiosity turned to realisation as Kirk not so subtly put an arm around him, with him turning out to be Hikaru Sulu as the helmsman turned his head to smile at their new Captain. In one swift movement Kirk’s lips were on Sulu’s, kissing him like he hadn’t been feeling him up hours ago at the ceremony.

McCoy grunted to himself, with a roll of his eyes. “Trust James T. Kirk to be sleeping with the pilot.”

With that disturbing thought in mind, McCoy turned from the sight of the Captain being all giggly and romantic, that was such a rare sight, to find a seat of his own. Before the doctor could go anywhere his eyes landed on the seat behind the helmsman, which was occupied by Pavel, the one person McCoy had been hoping to see.

The navigator was leaning on his side, head resting against the cold steel of the shuttle’s walls, eyes shut as he napped soundlessly amongst all the commotion. McCoy didn’t know whether he should just sit down next to the kid, or wake him up to ask, or just sit somewhere else to give Pavel his privacy.

Then again, Pavel never complained about McCoy’s company before, so the doctor was sure he wouldn’t mind too much if he sat beside him for the journey. Therefore McCoy took the chance and sat down very quietly next to the Russian, cursing at the seats for being so bendable and shaking slightly as his weight hit them.

With that small movement Pavel’s eyes fluttered, and his bright eyes gazed forward in confusion. “Hope you don’t mind me sitting here.” McCoy murmured.

 Pavel would have being scared out of his wits if McCoy had been any louder, but instead his eyes widened in surprise at the sudden voice beside him. Pavel soon comprehended who the man sitting next to him was, and his dozy expression soon turned into a look of pure delight.

“Len!” Pavel grinned. “I would love for you to sit by me.”

McCoy caught that grin, and found himself smiling just as cheerfully. “That’s alright then. Because I don’t think Jim would appreciate my company when he can have Sulus.”

Pavel laughed quietly, tilting to his left to whisper to the doctor, for the two in front not to hear. “Captain Kirk asked Hikaru to save him a seat, because he wanted to get to know him better.”

McCoy could only chuckle and roll his eyes in amusement at Kirk’s attempts. “He must have a thing for guys that could possibly kick his ass.”

Pavel and McCoy laughed simultaneously, imagining the victory of Sulu beating Kirk hands down in any match possible with his skills of kung fu and kick butt.

‘This is Lieutenant Holmes, we are ready for takeoff. Could every crew member please take their seats and fasten their seatbelts. We will be arriving at the U.S.S Enterprise in approximately 47 minutes. Thank you.’

Without another warning the shuttle hummed into life, taking no time in loosening itself and jerking forward. McCoy’s heart almost jumped out of his chest, the sensation of the shuttle’s quick movement’s making his insides turn to jelly. God, he hated this part.

He didn’t know what else to do but to look directly at a spot on the floor, as he did every time, and take deep breaths as if his life depended on it. All laughter and stupid jokes forgotten as the shuttle jutted forward, and began rising off the solid ground where McCoy knew was the safest place to be, not space where gravity messes with you and sucks your insides out like a hover.

“Len?” Pavel’s soft voice reached him, the use of the doctor’s first name caught his attention and he smiled.

The doctor looked at Pavel with a reassuring smile. “I’m fine, just uh… tired.”

At that moment the shuttle decided to topple to the left, as it swiftly rose into the sky faster than McCoy would like it to. This part took way too long, and it wasn’t going down too well for the doctor whose insides were turning.

“I don’t think you’re tired.” Pavel chuckled lightly. “Are you afraid?”

McCoy sighed heavily, thinking that if he could admit he was a total coward to anyone it would be someone he knew wouldn’t joke about it for months to come, unlike someone he knew. “Yeah, I don’t like space, I don’t like black holes, I don’t like comets, and I definitely don’t like tiny spaceships that could easily fall apart.”

Pavel only smiled kindly at the doctor, understanding what it was like to be afraid. “Don’t worry Leonard, it will be ok.”

The next thing McCoy knew was that Pavel’s hand was on his, grasping it gently as if soothing him with that one touch. McCoy looked down, Pavel’s thumb was tracing circles over his knuckles, a soft touch that he thought he would never be able to feel. But here he was, with this kid that was half his age, caring for him like he meant something to him.

And that’s when all thoughts about flying in a shuttle, in the dark blankets of space, flew from his mind and was replaced by the feeling of Pavel’s hand on his, showing him that there was nothing to fear. He had absolutely nothing to be afraid of, because he had Pavel Chekov.

McCoy decided then to test something, he turned his hand over so that their hands were palm against palm, and entwines their fingers together securely. As Pavel looked across at him with his beautiful green eyes staring questioningly, McCoy just smiled, at the wonderment in those eyes and the fact that he wanted to stare into them more often than he could have ever imagined.

Pavel’s lips turned up into a sweet smile, his grip tightening in their clasped hands, an answer that McCoy was hoping for and one that told him that Pavel Chekov would be the one who changed him forever.

 Hope you enjoyed folks. Now I'm off for a cuppa!
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